Purpose-built for digital collaboration & secure sharing of sensitive information. 

Preparation Portals

Data Rooms for collaboration & due diligence preparations


Preparation is key to success

On our cloud-based and user-friendly platform, teams can get started fast and easy. 

Fast &  Easy Set-up

Collaborate with your team and advisors from anywhere - at any time. 

Our Secure Messaging module is included in all our data room plans, including preparation portals. 

Share & Collaborate

Full control and complete structure of all key documents. Upload documentation, structure folders, set access control. 

Control & Structure

Internal communication, sharing & collaboration in a secure and digital environment

When do you need a preparation portal?

Preparing for due diligence, restructuring or changes to company structure or ownership

Secure encrypted team communication, by enabling the Secure Messaging module

File storage, securely store and share sensitive documents

Crisis Management & Communication Portal


Preparation portals are ideal for processes and projects that requires secure digitial collaborations. In the portal, team members can share, access and discuss senstive information - from anywhere and at any time  - on a secure platform. Some examples of use cases are:


Key features & benefits

24 / 7 / 365 Support

Secure Access

Secure Messaging Module

Access from Anywhere

Fast & Easy Set-up

Comprehensive Access Control

Export & Archive 

Give feedback

Secure Sharing & Collaboration

Flexible & User-friendly


Get in touch to learn more & get started

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Head of Virtual Data Rooms, Admincontrol UK

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Data Rooms


Admincontrol's data room are tailored to streamline and support due diligence processes. In addition to storing and structuring documents, a data room’s role is also to ensure that sensitive documents can be securely shared in confidence with external parties.

In a data room, the company can share confidential documentation and perform Q&A rounds in a user-friendly, intuitive and secure environment.


Secure Messaging

The Secure Messaging module enables users of the Data Room to send and receive confidential messages within the platform. It’s a hybrid between mail and chat, allowing users to communicate securely within their respective teams.

Secure Messaging is purpose-built to facilitate communication related to the project within a buyer OR a seller team.

Secure Messaging module is included free of charge in all our data room plans, preparation portals included.

Security in Admincontrol

Privacy and security are essential elements for Admincontrol and our customer. 

Our security measures ensure that our customers data is secure and available only to the registered users with documented access. On a regular basis, Admincontrol undergo audits by a certified IT auditor to make sure the control environment at Admincontrol is in line with industry best practices and established frameworks.

SOC 2  certified

ISO 20007:2013 certified

G-cloud approved vendor

GDPR compliant

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